Some Online Resources for Biblical Studies

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Bible Gateway
This sites contains many versions of English and close to 30 other translations in diferent languages.
Vietnamese Bibles (from VPNS)
This site provides links to several translations of Vietnamese Bibles
Kinh Thánh Tiếng Việt
Các bản dịch Kinh Thánh tiếng Việt
This site provides several translations of Vietnamese Bibles

Codex Sinaiticus
Codex Sinaiticus was hand written over 1600 years ago. The manuscript contains the Christian Bible in Greek, including the oldest complete copy of the New Testament.


Dead Sea Scrolls Online
The Dead Sea Scrolls contains the oldest biblical manuscripts known to us.


Religion Online
Designed to aid teachers, scholars and general students of the Bible. This site contains close to 6,000 chapters, monographs, speeches and articles on line.


Theopedia is an online evangelical encyclopedia of biblical Christianity.


Virtual Religion Index—Biblical Studies
This site is designed to advance research in Biblical Studies.


Bible Odyssey
This site offers scholarly short essays about biblical People, Places, and Passages.

The New Testament Gateway
Hosted by Logos Bible Software and edited by Mark Goodacre of Department of Religion Duke University, this sites provides good resources for New Testament Studies.


Yale University Library
Provides links to databases, reference tools, and online resources to Biblical Studies


Society of Biblical Literature – Texts and Resources

Tyndale Archive of Biblical Studies
Collection of online Lexica for Hebrew, Aramaic, Coptic, Syriac, and


SBL – Biblical Fonts


Third Millennium Ministries
Free multimedia biblical education for the world, available in 5 languages (English, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and Spanish).

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